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  Painted Wood Floors ~ Faux Finishes and Custom Hand Painted Designs on Wood Floors Painted Inlays -Woodgraining on prefinished wood floors           

How To Paint A Wood Floor

Hand Painted Wood Floors have become more and more popular in recent years, as consumers demand more in customizing their wood floors. Nearly any and every effect can be painted, stained, or tinted onto a wood floor in many designs, patterns & interact combination of effects, using many techniques andPainted Inlay different types of faux finishes.


"Art to Walk On" can now be a fashion statement about you and your home. Using today's glazes, finishes, paints and techniques, a wide variety of designs, inlays, wood graining  and faux finishes can be used to create "Designer Floors" of many special effects. Painted Wood Floors can create any marble or exotic wood species, making for truly a One-Of-A-Kind design and custom floor pattern. See How To Paint a Wood Floor.

10ft painted scollopeddesign medallion in marble and sand stone 


flooring installation


Painted blue then wiped of lightly, faux granite corner squares match counter tops,
 chrome inlay (auto trim tape) to match stainless steel appliances


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Hand Releif Carved Borders

Custom Wood Floors:
Accents, Borders, Crest, Inlays of metal and exotic species, Medallions & Specialty-Bamboo, Cork, Mixed Media

Custom Hand Painted Faux

Painted Wood Floors: Custom 1-of-a-kind, faux finishes painted onto wood floors, faux marble, brass inlays, exotic wood floor species, and painted oriental carpets

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Finishing Wood Floors: Step by step how to refinish old & new wood floors, types of finishes, application techniques, do's & don'ts

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Wide Plank Wood Flooring

Plank Wood Floors: An old American tradition, wide plank wood floors of many species from 3" - 10" planks

Pre-finished Standard and Better Oak...

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Carbonized Bamboo wood flooring

Bamboo Floors- This "grass" floor has become very popular in the past few years, weather natural, in over 60+ colors, or carbonized, vertical or horizontal

Engineered Wood Floor profile

Engineered Wood Floors -The newest wood floor product that cab ne laid on any proper subfloor including concrete


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